Enforcement Working Group

Enforcement Working Group Members

Chair Elizabeth Barrett FRC – United Kingdom
Vice Chair Jennifer Cooper CPAB – Canada
POB Albania
CPAB Canada
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Chinese Taipei
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AOB Germany
IAASA Ireland
IRBA South Africa
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United Kingdom
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United States

The investigation of possible auditor misconduct and the enforcement of domestic regulatory standards and laws are core functions of a majority of Members of IFIAR in addition to Members’ auditor inspection programs. These functions are critical to protecting investors and other stakeholders and driving audit quality.

IFIAR Members agreed to establish the Enforcement Working Group to promote stronger coordination in the area of investigations and enforcement, in order to enhance investor protection and improve audit quality. The objectives of the Enforcement Working Group are to:

  • Develop an understanding of IFIAR Members’ enforcement regimes with the goal of sharing information, including a discussion of current and emerging enforcement issues;
  • Hold periodic Enforcement Workshops to provide a forum for all IFIAR Member enforcement professionals to exchange information, share ideas, promote professional development and enhance effectiveness; and
  • Develop and strengthen bilateral relationships among enforcement officials from IFIAR Members with the goal of facilitating enforcement cooperation on matters of mutual interest.

The working group holds periodic meetings by conference call and in-person meetings when feasible and appropriate.

IFIAR’s work on cooperation in the area of investigations and enforcement is prepared and led by the Enforcement Working Group. The Working Group is chaired by Elizabeth Barrett of the UK FRC. The Vice Chair is Jennifer Cooper of CPAB, Canada. The Enforcement Working Group also includes IFIAR members from Albania, Canada, Chinese Taipei, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Public Documents
Report on 2022 Survey of Enforcement Regimes – 19 June 2023
Report on 2018 Survey of Enforcement Regimes – 14 December 2018
Report on 2014 Survey of Enforcement Regimes – 28 April 2015
Fact Sheet – 28 April 2015

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