Joining IFIAR

The International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (IFIAR) is comprised of independent audit regulators from around the world.

There are two categories of IFIAR membership: ‘Members’ and ‘Associates’.

Regulators meeting all of IFIAR’s membership requirements may apply to join IFIAR as full Members. They must be independent of the profession and engaged in audit regulatory functions in the public interest. In particular, they must have ultimate responsibility for the system of recurring inspection of audit firms undertaking audits of public interest entities, including regulatory measures taken as a result of inspections; and must exercise that responsibility either directly or through independent oversight.

Independent regulators who have due authority in their jurisdiction but have not yet either actively implemented the system of recurring inspection, or exercised their responsibility, may apply to join IFIAR as an Associate.

More details on IFIAR’s membership requirements and categories of membership can be found in the IFIAR Charter.

If you are interested in joining IFIAR, please contact the Secretariat at